Wednesday, 6 July, 2011

Simple Animation to explain Complex Principles

Simple Animation to explain Complex Principles - Useful Information for Mechanical Students

(Please Click on the Images, If the animation doesn't works on the Main Screen)

1. Aircraft Radial Engine.

2. Oval Regulation

3. Sewing Machine

4. Malta Cross Movement 
(Second hand movemnet used to control clock)

5. Auto Change File Mechanism

6. Auto constant velocity universal joint

7. Gun Ammunition loading system

8. Rotary Engine
( An Internal Combustion Engine, the heat rather than Piston Movement into Rotary Movement)

9. Inline Engine
(It's cylinders lined up side by side)


  1. i already post this in my web..

    any way... good work

  2. @!* வேடந்தாங்கல் - கருன் *!

    நன்றி நண்பரே.

  3. @Sathishkumar Hi Bro, I just got this article in mail..I used this blog to share information to my friends. It seems a good article which will be very useful for mech. students, thats why I published here.


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